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Naturally, the healthy and active way of life implies total abandonment of fat products and tobacco smoking. Facts talk for itself: moderate physical activity, daily sport exercises, healthy diet effectively prevent such diseases, as diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, obesity and hypercholesterolemia. The decrease of blood cholesterol level beneficially affects not only on the health of the people, suffering cardiac diseases, but also those who suffers diabetes of the second group, increasing the sensitiveness to insulin.

Includes resources for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, heart disease, and other long term illnesses.

When a health professional is communicating information to a patient they need to take a step back and evaluate how the patient is comprehending the information they are providing.

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An initial public health plan addresses multi-level and multi-dimensional concerns.

Regular and reliable public transport between residential areas and a supermarket is a key requirement for food security, particularly for those who do not have access to a car. For vulnerable residents, strategies can be pursued such as negotiating home delivery services, or a community bus to courier local residents to a supermarket or fresh food market. For example, in the City of Maribyrnong in Victoria, a community bus managed by a local disability organisation (WestNet) operates a mobile fruit and vegetable shop; selling affordable fresh fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis at designated public housing estates and a local school. A fruit and vegetable shop is also located at the organisation where residents can purchase fresh produce, or individual orders are delivered free of charge for holders of health care and pension cards [14].

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To ensure sustained and effective interventions to improve nutrition and food security, critical building blocks include an adequately trained workforce; sustained resourcing; intersectoral partnerships and a monitoring, research and evaluation framework. This section describes these essential components.

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Among urbanised Indigenous settings, there is a need to trial multifaceted approaches which assist people to access better food, such as transport assistance or initiatives to improve household kitchen and storage facilities. Nutrition education and skill development interventions are of value, however will not alone improve food security.

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A wide range of programs have been highlighted which focus on nutrition education, budgeting and skill development to improve 'food access'. While a greater mix of strategies are needed, the value of educative approaches are maximised when a 'train the trainer' or peer education model are used to support Aboriginal workers to deliver nutrition activities for their own communities. Building a dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nutrition workforce is the ultimate goal.

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Community Foodies and ACEOs have worked together to run a 5 week nutrition program in three different schools. This program was run by non-Nunga Foodies but facilitated by ACEOs in Nunga education class time. It involved a mix of discussion about food, food literacy, taste-testing and making some recipes. Popular activities for the kids included cooking and practical demonstrations of measuring out teaspoons of fat and sugars in foods. Southern Fleurieu Health Service and Community Foodies are planning to run cooking programs with the kids on a monthly basis.