Sports how they impacted my life

All in all I feel comfortable going into my future with the characteristics and mind set I have developed through sports. Sports have impacted my life by giving me the understanding that I can get past any obstacles that come my way with hard work and a will not quit attitude. I also feel that these are things I can pass on to my children and they can experience themselves through sports. Sports have made a lasting impact on my life. For this I believe.

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Translation of two Arabic poems,a comparative study of the novel and a cultural study of the Arabs

My parents did what they could to treat my stuttering. I would sit and read out loud to my mother. She would sign off on my speech card. I recall that my speech teacher held therapy sessions at a different school one particular summer. My mom, who had 3 other children to care for, would drive me to the summer sessions. I am thankful for the sacrifices she made for me.

You said you met a man there, who was part of these protests…

I have encountered this sentiment and am steady with the designation and reduction. It is a privilege to be of a mind, churned by the writing of racialized feminists in the academy, late eighties/early nineties, Chandra Mohanty say, then talking about research and making the claim: there is no apolitical position. I realize that I fit the picture of what is ‘political’ within a status quo and that this is signalled by certain content, discourse etc. that is understood to be politically engaged as it evokes the material and social. Unaware texts can nonetheless reinforce the status quo and bolster their own set of ideologies in ways that are also political. As I understand everyday life within communities, what is meaningfully political to me is not necessarily encompassed by dominant framing.

William Brangham from Tehran. Thanks so much.

Even if poetry for me is not consumed by processes of capital, my paid and volunteer labour limits my time and capacity to engage freely and creatively. Reviews have not furthered my book through the marketplace, but that’s not surprising.

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Reviews also impact publishers and could reflect a mainstream’s willingness to engage a book. They demonstrate that a “peer” or “colleague” is willing to spend time drafting a public response using this format.

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press

Reviews to me so far have been a quantifiable factor in grant applications, a question about my work that has come from senior writers (i.e. has your book been reviewed?), and, in recent memory, a more pronounced topic of public, published conversation considering, for example, the work of CWILA or Donato Mancini’s effort: (BookThug, 2012). Reviews facilitate critical feedback from individuals, and within an audience that reads them I suppose, but I am not entirely sure where all those conversations are taking place.