Homily for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The second mystery, His Mother Mary, is also part of the history of the world. Being no less than her Son, the mystery of Mary not only builds on provable historical data and surpasses these data in five marvelous ways.

Thus enlightened by the Holy Spirit, belief in the Assumption of Mary slowly grew.

Nevertheless, it bears witness to a widespread belief in the Assumption among Christians from at least the fifth century. The apocryphal literature supposes a faith already existing among at least some of the faithful concerning the glorious end of Mary.

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“Queen of the Universe, An Anthology on the Assumption and Queenship of Mary”, Mathews, Stanley.

The conclusion has to be thatteachings such as Mary’s assumption are the teachings andtraditions of men, not the revelation of God.

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The lowest register represents the terrestrial plane where the disciples witness the assumption; in the middle section, the Virgin Mary soars upward, surrounded by a swarm of angelic cherubim, towards the top section representing Heaven, where God awaits her.

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In teaching others about the Blessed Virgin, it is well to point out that there has been a remarkable growth, as we call it, in Marian doctrine over the centuries. This does not mean that any new revelations about Mary were given to the world. But it does mean that with the passage of time, the Church under Divine guidance has grown in her ever deeper and clearer understanding of the Marian mysteries that were originally revealed.

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Catholics have so much devotion to the Blessed Virgin; there are so many Marian shrines, so many prayers and hymns to Our Lady; so much stress on the Rosary; so many Hail Marys are recited - that the faithful must see the basis for it all. They must have clearly explained to them that this is not Mariolatry, giving divine honors to Mary, but authentic Christianity which recognizes the Blessed Virgin as a mere creature, of course, but one who conceived and gave birth to the Creator.

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IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. What especially needs to be brought out in teaching the Immaculate Conception is Mary’s possession of the supernatural life from the first moment of her existence. She had the virtues of faith, hope and charity. She had the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. She had the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.