Solving the Social, Economic and Political Problems of this World

The real cause of the Environmental an Ecological threat really arises from the unenlightened Economic and Political activity of Humankind. The threat of Global Warming has been brought about through the cumulative process of Wealth creation that involves ever increasing levels of Economic activity and Energy consumption. This problem has partially come about and been compounded by a lack of Political will and Social awareness or acceptance of detrimental effects that this Economic activity has in terms of Global Warming, Acid Rain, Resource depletion and Destruction of Natural Habitats. Furthermore another factor which has added to the Environmental and Ecological problems is the unchecked problem of population growth which can be seen as a Social problem influenced by Economic and Political factors. The problem of population growth, which is approaching the limits of what the planet is able to sustain, in turn adds to the Environmental and Ecology problems of the World. As inevitably extra demands are made on the Earth’s finite resources.

2./ The Social, Economic and Political Problems of the World, And the Coming One World Order

Secondly, if hope gives people the strength to act, then our interpretation of the Prophecies also may get people to act in the first place. As well as providing a positive outlook the viewpoint of the Prophecies we are presenting also promotes positive action as well. A participational view of the Prophecies and proactive response to the belief that the ‘Prophecies are Now’, naturally emerges from and goes hand in hand with the belief that ‘Everyone is God’. For in the same way that we stop looking for God outside of ourselves, so it is that we stop looking for some outside intervention or supernatural agency to intervene and solve the problems of this World on our behalf. Instead the belief of the God within is also the recognition that we are the agents who will bring about the happy ending to the World’s problems that the Prophecies go on to foretell. We realise that the resolution of the problems of the World is in our own hands. To fully accept that you are God is to understand that you create your own reality.

Solving the Environmental and Ecological Problems of this World

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Also the Political will expended on dealing with the manifestations of a divided World, i.e. wars, global terrorism, competition over scarce resources and trade disputes; can instead focus on the bigger Environmental and Ecological issues which go unresolved and insufficiently addressed because of the needless disagreement and conflicts which arise from a state of divided humanity.

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Believers in Social Credit economics also believe that it is the solution to many of the economic problems facing the world today (Bridger, Forward)....

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What we are saying is that the final answer to the nature of God should also provide the answers to everything else, for God is that which underpins all else. And likewise it is easy to see that if we misunderstand the nature of God or omit it in our considerations then of course all our attempts at trying to answer the most ultimate questions in Science, Philosophy and of course Theology are doomed to failure. Just as it is the case that if we misunderstand the true nature of life, what it is to be human and the Cosmic purpose, perhaps even denying there is one, then of course our Social, Economic and Political doctrines will be imperfect and problematic. Or put in another way, that the problems we face in the Social, Economic, Political, Ecological and Environmental realms derive from our misunderstanding of what is the true nature of things and being blind to spiritual realities; that is from not knowing the way things truly are and also not knowing who we really are. Seen in this way then, the Solutions to the Problems of this World are the natural and inevitable consequence and the inevitable ramifications of the full expression of the idea that Everyone is God and the Truth about the Nature of God.