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Presents a behaviorally-oriented course combining the functions of management with the psychology of leading and managing people. Focuses on the effective use of human resources through understanding human motivation and behavior patterns, conflict management and resolution, group functioning and process, the psychology of decision-making, and the importance of recognizing and managing change.

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Introduces Spanish to those in the health sciences. Emphasizes oral communication and practical medical vocabulary. Presents realistic situations and the specialized vocabulary that health care professionals need to communicate with Hispanic patients in the course of their daily work. Provides students with numerous opportunities to apply, in a wide variety of practical contexts, the grammatical structures introduced in the corresponding lessons through personalized questions, grammar exercises, dialogue competition, role plays, and real activities. May include oral drill and practice.

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Prerequisites: CNA certification for at least three (3) years; recommendation from a licensed nursing professional (LPN or RN); evidence of no restrictions on CNA certification by the Virginia Board of Nursing for the last five (5) years; recommendation for advanced certification from an LPN or RN who has supervised the applicant in providing direct patient care for at least six (6) months within the past year; American Heart Associate CPR BLS for the Health Care Professional certification; ability to pass a background check and drug screen; and ability to meet functional health and immunization requirements.