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"A new tool aims to help colleges catalog and present to their constituents the various steps they are undertaking to assess how (and how much) their students are learning. The "Transparency Framework" released this week by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment is designed to bring together in one place the various plans, assessment activities and evidence that a particular college or university is using to gauge student learning."

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Not only do institutions need to inform students of the student learning outcomes statements adopted by the college/university but it also important to then tell them the institution's expectations or policies on assessment. Below are some examples of statements on policies regarding assessment at a few colleges/universities. These expectations/policies can be found on the institution's website and/or catalog.

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I am very interested in working with high school and/or college students and helping them successfully prepare for their future.

Alverno College is a leader in student learning outcomes assessment. Featured pages include its which explains its position on educational research and evaluation and what they do at Alverno. Also included is its page which lists requirements for students regarding assessment for graduation.