(examples: physics, climate change, etc.)

The channel worked with his eyes closed. I was on one end of the room, and when our several amazing minutes finished, he turned his back to me and addressed somebody on the other side of the room. A minute or two later, I was wondering if my tape recorder was taping properly, and I glanced down at it on the floor, and as my hand had barely left my lap to check on the recorder, Seth stopped talking in mid-sentence and said “Are we paying attention?” as he turned around, with my hand frozen in the act of moving toward my recorder. I said “No!” and the audience burst into laughter. In those 50 subsequent sessions, Seth never demonstrated such abilities to me again. I did not go there doubting that he was real, as one friend did who was there that night. He demonstrated his reality to me in a way where let me know that he read my mind, and he entertained the class at the same time. It was a gift to me.

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After a half hour of my Wade’s World talk, my friend said that my face changed during the talk. I looked ancient one minute and like a child the next. I had no idea what to make of that, and had never heard of it before, but in subsequent years I heard that that phenomenon was common when somebody was inspired, as their greater selves began to manifest. I am not sure if that had anything to do with past lives, what Michael calls “essence contact,” or was something else, but it did not seem to be an illusion.

November 1, 2013 — Daniel C. Schlenoff

"The Tragedy of the Commons," Garrett Hardin,Science, 162(1968):1243-1248.

evo signature photography, in-depth reporting, thorough road testing and global motoring adventures remain at the core of the magazine’s proposition.

14. U Thant, No. 168 (February 1968), p. 3.

The densest, lowest, most elementary part of the course was invented. It is known as physical reality, where I live. In the fragmentation of awareness, “lesser” beings were created. Paradoxically, creation is one being. There is truly no separation from the Creator, yet we all have our individuality. In this dualistic plane of existence, all explanations of the big picture contain paradoxes. Every being is part of the whole, and the whole whole without each part present. Every is a necessary and infinitely valuable aspect of creation. That is the unfathomable aspect of creation that no earthly source has ever dealt with to mortal satisfaction. Earthly brains are not equipped to comprehend infinity and dimensions where time and space do not exist. That is part of the frustration of being here, having extremely limited awareness while inhabiting the physical realm. While the physical realm is the densest and cruelest of dimensions, it is also where the most growth happens, and lessons are learned here that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

18. P. Goodman, 10 (8), 22 (23 May 1968).

What to do about the fallen 1%? No being can fall so far that all awareness and memory is lost. As awareness was lost, those beings also fragmented into a hierarchy of awareness that resembled Lucifer’s. The aspect of those beings that remembered their Garden of Eden days preferred their former awareness to what happened after they gave away their free will. They realized their mistake, and the creator (with the other 99% assisting) invented a system to allow them to regain their awareness and reclaim their will. A remedial school was developed for lost beings to regain their awareness. No being embarked on the journey that did not desire to regain its awareness.

19. A. Comfort, (Nelson, London, 1967).

After eons of recruiting effort, that being welcomed about 1% of the creator’s playmates to his new program. The new recruits gave their free will to that being. A hierarchy was created, and that being managed the free will of that 1%, and other beings helped him. It developed into a hierarchy, with that recruiter at the top, the helping levels below him, and those giving away their free will at the bottom. Eventually, those at the bottom gave away virtually of their free will to the hierarchy. Free will was an essential component of the Creator, and when those beings gave away their free will, they also lost other given attributes, particularly their awareness. In Judeo-Christian circles, that loss of awareness is known as “The Fall.” That being who invented and recruited others to his hierarchy is known as Lucifer in those circles, and that time of carefree play is known as the Garden of Eden. The tale has been greatly distorted in Genesis, with women being blamed for The Fall, the sin was seeking knowledge, the Garden of Eden was in today’s Middle East, and that tempter was in the form of a snake, as the serpent was the symbol of women .