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But you have barely asserted, not proved, this If by the term you mean a contrariety to law, I desire you to produce the law against it. I maintain there is none in being. If you mean that there is no law, the intention of which may authorize such a convention, I deny this also. It has been always a principle of the law, that subjects have a right to state their grievances, and petition the king for redress. This is explicitly acknowledged by the act of the first of William and Mary; and “all prosecutions and commitments for such petitioning” are declared to be illegal. So far, then, the Congress was a body founded in law; for if subjects have such a right, they may undoubtedly elect and depute persons from among themselves to act for them.

Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress October 1774.

Just as the reason why our may have and why may have , that founder group may well as an act of desperation, driven to the margins by their neighbors. If they left about 60-50 kya, as seems the most likely timeframe in light of today’s evidence, by 10 kya the entire planet had been conquered. Behaviorally modern humans were atop all terrestrial food chains outside of Africa, and in Africa megafauna avoided them, so there was nothing on Earth that threatened human existence except for other humans. Like the way in which the australopithecine Tesla who made the first stone tool the that emerged from his/her act a half-million years later, by 10 kya (about a tenth as long as the previous epochal innovative interval). Several million descendants of that founder group were spread across the planet, from tundra to desert to rainforest, and they filled all inhabitable continents. The people existing 10 kya would have been anatomically recognizable and all had , as they do today. However, with , versus what the founders left Africa with (several million people versus ), the immensely diverse climates and the tools used to survive in them, as well as their mutually unintelligible languages, the founder group’s members would not have comprehended a tour of their descendants’ world. The founder’s descendants even began to look different as evolution marched onward, and many racial differences would have been noticeable, although the bizarre had yet to appear in . Some people of 10 kya even had companions called (first domesticated as long as 33 kya, wolves were domesticated more than once, and the modern dog was domesticated about 15 kya), which would have seemed a miracle, terror, or strange beyond imagining. The world’s large animals paid the ultimate price for fueling that expansion, and the thus began.

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About the time that the continents began to grow and began, Earth produced its first known glaciers, between 3.0 and 2.9 bya, although the full extent is unknown. It might have been an ice age or merely some mountain glaciation. The , and numerous competing hypotheses try to explain what produced them. Because the evidence is relatively thin, there is also controversy about the extent of Earth's ice ages. About 2.5 bya, the Sun was probably a little smaller and only about as bright as it is today, and Earth would have been a block of ice if not for the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide and methane that absorbed electromagnetic radiation, particularly in the . But life may well have been involved, particularly oxygenic photosynthesis, and it was almost certainly involved in Earth's first great ice age, which may have been a episode, and some pertinent dynamics follow.

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Virginia set aside a day of prayer and fasting and proposed that the colonies meet. This led to the calling of the First Continental Congress in September 1774.

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In 1776, Carpenters' Hall became the "birthplace of Pennsylvania" when from June 18-25, 103 delegates chosen by popular vote met to denounce the colonial Assembly for dragging its feet on independence. Delegates declared Pennsylvania an independent state and forwarded the document to the Second Continental Congress, meeting at the State House. The document was received just a few days before adoption of the Declaration of Independence, on July 4th.

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This is a collection of the records of the Continental and Confederation Congresses from 1774-1789. It includes "the journals; despatch books; registers of reports from boards, offices and committees; letter books; copies of Indian treaties; copies of ordinances of the Congresses; copies of ordinances and other records relating to the Western Territory of the United States; returns of inhabitants of various States and miscellaneous papers; a record of abridges resolves; reports of the Secretary of Congress; a record book begun by Secretary Thomas after the duties of the Committee of the Week were transferred to him on August 29, 1785." ( guide). The collection is a microfilm reproduction of the handwritten records.