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SLC45A2 is a transporter protein that mediates melanin synthesis. SLC45A2 is also a melanocyte differentiation antigen that is expressed in a high percentage of melanoma cell lines. A similar sequence gene in medaka, 'B,' encodes a transporter that mediates melanin synthesis. Mutations in this gene are a cause of oculocutaneous albinism type 4. SLC45A2 has been found to play a role in pigmentation in several species. In humans, it has been identified as a factor in the light skin of Europeans

Cost effectiveness of population based BRCA1 founder mutation testing in Sephardi Jewish women

This trait (ringed tail) is very rare but it will be found in ordinary moggie (random bred) cats as well for this breed. All the cat breeds founded in gene mutations are also seen as moggies albeit it rarely (e.g. hairless cats and rex cats).

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