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Extensive resource that gathers together in clear categories a diverse range of original materials, extracts from published studies, and book reviews of critical works on George Eliot; addresses all aspects of her life and works, wider contexts, and formal features of style. Includes a selective bibliography.

George Eliot: a collection of critical essays, Main Author: Creeger, George R

But when the novel Adam Bede came out, it was an immediate success. People became so extremely curious, and there was public gossip as to who the real author was. Some even pretended to be the writer—George Eliot themselves. This debate about the mystery of the real author continued for quite some time. Finally, Marian Evans Lewes came out and revealed that she was the real George Eliot. When people came to know that Eliot was Mrs. Marian Evans Lewes, many criticized her but her friends, fellow authors, and feminists supported and praised her.

a collection of critical essays, |c edited by George R

George Eliot: a collection of critical essays, Main Author: ..

There are two types of works in this section: general introductions by individual critics that aim to provide a brief overview of the life and career with compact contextualizations, and edited collections that offer more specialized approaches to specific themes and issues; summaries of diverse critical approaches that reflect theoretical trends; and fuller historical contextualization. Both formats aim, successfully, to make George Eliot “less abstract by attending to some of the ‘wider relations’ that establish coordinates on her life and work” (, xvii). Of the former, gives equal attention to the intellectual development of Marian Evans and to issues of gender and sexuality as played out in the fiction. includes useful historical contextualization. provides incisive readings of the works as well as considered attention to cultural and scientific contexts. The page on The Victorian Web gathers a range of accessible material on aspects of the life, wider contexts and, very usefully, form and style. is a substantial overview of influential approaches in key areas: intellectual, personal, creative, and critical. covers more ground than Levine, with and sustained critique deliberately sacrificed to offer denser and more varied approaches than those that characteristically feature in such overviews. differentiates itself from the other types of texts gathered here with innovative critical readings of individual works and broader themes and contexts. , unlike the others, is in dictionary format covering all aspects of Eliot’s life, work, and contexts, but also includes illuminating interpretations of her major texts as well as adroit summaries of critical trends in Eliot studies.