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Thank you for the kind words you left on my channel. I am happy to lend my support to such a noble cause. I have struggled with pornography much and still continue in this struggle. Your channel is enlightening and informative. God bless you--Christian.

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- Established by Kerri Kadow, said to be an author and imaginative. Publishes in all genres. Standard contract that authors can modify as required. Like many epublishers, this offers good terms but is probably underfunded, so that performance may lag behind promise. However, I was not able to reach this site when I tried. 2003 UPDATE: I heard from the proprietor, who gave me a link--but the link didn't work. At any rate, for those whose systems relate better than mine does, there is someone there who will be happy to have you visit. Second 2003 UPDATE: now it connects. They are open for submissions, except for pornography or religious material. The author gets up to 70% of the net profit. That could be less than it seems, if the profit is small. June 2004 update: I got a timeout trying to reach them. Past experience suggests that this doesn't necessarily mean they're gone. June 2005 update: Sure enough, they remain, are accepting short stories or previously published books. August 2006 update: Their submissions guide seems not to have been updated since 2002; that's not an ideal sign. June 2007 update: Now a notice that the store will be closed from April 19-May 31, 2006. So maybe they have caught up to a year ago. August 2008 update: The site hung up, trying to load. July 2009 update: No problem this time. They accept about 20% of submissions. They are especially interested in nonfiction and romance. July 2011 update: “It waits in the shadows/ A dark companion waiting to devour your free time.../ That's right, it's a good book." They remain open for submissions, but still accept only 20%. July 2012 update: They remain open for submissions. I note with amusement their statement “We will not publish pornographic or religious material." Interesting juxtaposition. July 2014 update: Still open for submissions.

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These little girls grow up to become young women, and one out of every four will experience some sort of domestic violence in her lifetime.

Adopting a ‘whole child’ approach, the School-Age Program provides intensive literacy support; builds math, science, social studies, and computer knowledge; promotes conflict resolution and social emotional development; fosters creative expression, and offers healthy meals and physical activity. In the past five years, enrollment in the School-Age Program has grown 48 percent.

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As my problem with porn progressed, I found myself looking up more and more disturbing things, the worst being underage porn. For this I have a lot of guilt and now I am in the middle of an investigation. I got rid of the computer that the illegal stuff was on, but that doesn't make the guilt and the feeling of what I did go away. Porn is not just videos and pictures... Whether you realize it or not you are victimizing someone and poisoning your mind.

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Ok, I just read through this thread

The largest vocabulary lesson
(multiple venues)
involved 2,845 participants,
organized by PNC Grow Up Great (USA)
with the help of Children’s Village
and other early education partners
at multiple locations
across the United States
on 30 October 2014

You’re cracking me up, but at the same time you are dead accurate

Hands-on discovery, creative expression, and cooperation are the essence of the School-Age Program’s Summer Curriculum. Summer learning at Children’s Village includes field trips and other academic enrichment activities, such as special interest Clubs: Science, Martial Arts, International Cuisine, Garden, Stitch, Sports, Cup Stacking, Games, Multicultural Arts, and Musical Theater.

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- July 2009 update: Hard Shell has been sold to Mundania Press, to take effect August 1, 2009. It will become an imprint of Mundania. Mary Wolf has serious family problems that prevent her from continuing. July 2016 update: I am deleting the site address, as this is now a ballistic manufacturer. They don't feel that publishing is in their line. I told them that I hesitate to call this news a bombshell.