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Howard's Hyborian epoch, described in his essay (most recently republished by in in 2003), is a time before any knownto . Its setting is and (withoccasional references to Asia and other continents; e.g.Mayapan, representing the American continent) – with somecurious changes somewhat similar to whatgeologists theorize. They consider that during the ,Europe was quite different. The formerly dried outintermittently, alternating with floods over the . Once there was aland-bridge across the between and the (butnot across the ) such that the once flowed into a northernextension of the . And boththe and the were oncefresh-water lakes, the former (renamed the , after a fresh-water clam)covering much of the eastern half of what is now .

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There is mention of cold winds and snow. Cimmeria is a hard land that breeds a hard people. Natural selection has produced a tough people inured to hardship. Names of Cimmerians given are all Gaelic. The Irish and Highland Scots are the pure blooded descendents of the Cimmerians thousands of years later according to “The Hyborian Age.”

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The Hyborian Age was devised by author as the post-Atlantean setting of his stories, designed to fit in with Howard's previousand lesser known tales of , which were set in the at the timeof . The name"Hyborian" is a contraction of the concept of the land of "," literally"Beyond the North Wind." This was a mythical place far to the norththat was not cold and where things did not age.

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Howard’s Hyborian Age was a primary influence on Tom Moldvay and myself when we were devising the Original Known World campaign setting for D&D in the mid-1970s. We were past the era of junk-science racialist anthropology, but the idea of basing the OKW’s cultures on more-or-less thinly veiled versions of real historical cultures was key for us, as we felt that would give game masters a way to flesh out their game worlds by using historical references.

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Earlier Cimmerian hosts punched through the Aquilonians once they lost their archers and probably a good part of their heavy cavalry. They went through the Nemedian Aesir, Picts, and Hyrkanians to ultimately destroy Turan. The Cimmerians were the Army Rangers or Airborne of the Hyborian Age. They were not the heaviest equipped but they moved fast and hit hard.

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The Cimmerians probably moved fast, unencumbered by all the armor the Hyborians used. Their tactics would involve getting to grips with their craiseachs and spathas as soon as possible. They were probably the finest medium infantry of the Hyborian Age. They moved faster than the Nordheimr. A Gunderman pike phalanx ran the risk of Cimmerians getting under the pikes and then cutting down the pikemen. Hyborian infantry is generally of middling to poor quality. Any hand-to-hand combat with Cimmerians is going to be disastrous.

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The Hyborian Age is a phrase used by author to refer to a specific epoch in a fictional timelineused for many of the tales of his ; in particular, thestories of .