– a draft of the final chapter of herbook, titled

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–  and aresponse to critics written in November2003.

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– An The narration is in Dutch, but Judyth speaks in English.

– Yet  from Judyth,including several photos, and samplesof Judyth’s artwork.

– man with some CIA connections who got the visa to go to Mexicoimmediately before Lee Oswald in 1963. In later years he started describing seeing Oswald withFerrie and Banister on the streets in New Orleans.

That did it, we began talking together.

That the CIA would need to develop a bioweapon to kill Castro is farfetched, since they avariety of poisons that would have killed him – including some that would do so without it beingobvious he was in fact murdered.

Judyth’s account finds Ochsner sinister because:

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It then goes on to claim . . .

Further, when the CIA wanted scientific research done, they were able to recruit top-notch Ph.D.-level university talent. Their research on toxins was headed by a renowned biologist. For theMK/ULTRA project (dealing with “mind control”) they recruited top university scientists. Yetwe are supposed to believe that this particular project was carried out by a high-school dropout(Oswald), a college student with no advanced science classes (Baker), a fellow who had a mailorder doctor’s degree from an institution in Italy (Ferrie) and a reputable doctor (Sherman) whowas in fact an orthopedic surgeon.

“He has that much power,” I said, almost whispering into the phone.

And somehow the plotters couldn’t supply a properfacility, so the research was done in the apartmentsof two members of the team. Real CIA researchwas done in university labs, or at secure militaryinstallations.

“He wants to rub Bobby’s nose in it.”

Judyth’s supposed encounter with Michaelsonwould have taken place when she was a firstsemester sophomore in high school. Given theCIA’s ability to recruit top-notch Ph.D. talent, it’sa bit odd to be told that they were scouting highschool students.