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As well as the full three-year course, it's possible to study one or two years of Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion, either before or after one or two years of another subject, such as English; Philosophy; Classics; History; Human, Social, and Political Sciences; Law; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; and History of Art.

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But the Bible is never proposed as the first example of Jewish philosophy, probably because this would confuse the distinction people would want to make between religion and philosophy.

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Greek philosophers, beginning with Xenophanes, who express a moral critique of Greek religion, are certainly subsequent to the nearby presence of Persian religion, while with Judaism, the Babylonian Captivity and then the liberation of the exiles by Cyrus, opens the possibility of major Persian influence, certainly in the Jewish community that remained in Babylon after the Persian conquest -- the very place, apparently, where the Bible was compiled and committed to writing.