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The War Nerd Iliad sits at the boundary between translation and retelling. Dolan narrates it in his own suburban Californian voice with a chatty, intimate tone that rarely sounds like written English. There is no antiquated language or pompous literary phrasing. Instead of footnotes, Dolan weaves pieces of commentary and analysis into the main text, and finds ways to put complex ideas into idiomatic English. And if his voice infects the story, that at least is how oral tradition was meant to work. The Iliad had countless narrators during the Greek Dark Ages, who each brought their own quirks and flourishes to the performance.

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A feminist anthropologist historian Ann Goldberg has looked into the real life stories of those who were locked up in an early big institution in the 1800's, in Germany, in her provocatively-titled book Essentially, her research seems to show we have been some of the people who have not "fit in" to a modernizing society, a society that has some major problems itself.

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Only Achilles

could fit into the incredible armor, but with Zeus' intervention, Hector was

enabled to fit into the armor as well, proving himself no less of a man than

Achilles (Iliad, Book XVII, 408).