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If you go looking for information on gun control, you will find it in abundance, but - like all sensitive topics - it encourages bias. So, you need to be able to separate factual data from speculations and opinions. Surely, you have an opinion of your own on the matter, but an opinion without evidence can only be good for a casual conversation or, at best, for a social media post, but not for a serious academic paper. So, regardless of what essay you have to write and on which position you stand, you need solid evidence to make your opinion well-grounded. To achieve this, a thorough research is necessary, involving both the background of the issue as a whole and the two (or more) sides of the gun control debate.

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However, this is the most significant difference between a persuasive and an argumentative essay that you should keep in mind. As for the research, the outline, and the writing process itself, a gun control argumentative essay will not be all that different from a persuasive one, and you follow the same steps that you would with a persuasive essay.

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argumentative essay argues in favor for stricter gun control ..

The introduction of the Second Amendment opens up the controversial, yet well anticipated opportunity for United State citizens to be able to own guns.