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An effort to propose a poetics of popular film, while also celebrating a tradition I love. It’s also a mix of academic film history and film analysis with a looser, more informal writing style. Writing it was quite hard, since the subject kept changing from week to week: new films, a fresh crisis in the industry, another batch of books and articles, a new wave of information bursting off the Net. But I hope both fans and nonspecialists find some of it worthwhile. Other Hong Kong pieces are noted in the articles section.

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.Accelerate the reform of the Internet management leadership system. After morethan three years of efforts, the central, provincial, and municipal three-levelcybersecurity and informatization management work system has been initiallyestablished, with some provinces’ and cities’ cybersecurity and informatizationoffices extending toward the county-level, establishing and perfectingmechanisms for supervision over major project consultation, important matters,and major decision-making, such that the new “game of chess” pattern forcybersecurity and informatization work has been basically established.

Planet Hong Kong: Popular Cinema and the Art of Entertainment

Finally, Ms. Strict enforces high standards for her students' written work.

This book consists of two essays focused on contemporary American cinema. The first essay considers the extent to which films of the last thirty years or so have diverged from storytelling models formulated during Hollywood’s studio era. The second essay analyzes visual style and is an expansion of the essay, “Intensified Continuity,” which appeared in Film Quarterly some years ago. Both essays tackle more general issues of continuity and change in Hollywood, try to dispute the idea of a “post-classical” Hollywood, and consider the role played by independent filmmaking. Films analyzed include Jerry Maguire, Memento, JFK, A Beautiful Mind, The Two Towers, and Two Weeks Notice. The Way Hollywood Tells It can be considered an essayistic sequel to some of my sections oof The Classical Hollywood Cinema (1985).

Read the to The Way Hollywood Tells It.

The Films of Carl-Theodor Dreyer

Once you have written your introduction go back over and read it to see how it flows. Do you highlight important points and does your thesis statement fit in well? Your intro paragraph should also transition well into the next paragraph that begins to explain how you explored your two subjects.

Berkeley: University of California Press, 1981. Out of print.

The similarities between the two subjects in question may be a good starting point. This can lead you toward the general idea you want the essay to focus on. The last sentence may include your thesis statement which includes a specific element about both subjects you will compare. This may also include what you came to as far as a conclusion as to what you found out. If you can remember important points your introduction needs to make it can help you write it sentence by sentence.

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Theoretical Studies Center Group, Cyberspace Administration of China

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