essays in letter form by James Baldwin.

is the first book to examine the postwar African American white-life novel—novels with white protagonists written by African Americans. These fascinating works have been understudied despite having been written by such defining figures in the tradition as Richard Wright, Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, Ann Petry, and Chester Himes, as well as lesser known but formerly best-selling authors Willard Motley and Frank Yerby.

Ironically, this is necessarily not true as James Baldwin views our society.

James Baldwin writes an essay like novel of the perspective of an African American male in the 50's and 60's of the United States' so called "Negro Problem" (Baldwin, 1963).

29/03/1998 · JAMES BALDWIN: Collected Essays

The first essay is about James Baldwin's personal perspective of being black in racist America.