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As these two stories unfold, they begin to entwine, and the ghosts of the city's past erupt in the present. A haunting tale of desire and exploitation; this is Michèle Roberts at her intoxicating best.

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Jeanne Nerin and Marie-Angèle Baudry grow up, side by side yet apart, in the village of Ste Madeleine. Marie-Angèle is the daughter of the grocer, inflated with ideas of her own piety and rightful place in society. Jeanne's mother washes clothes for a living. She used to be a Jew until this became too dangerous. Jeanne does not think twice about grasping the slender chances life throws at her. Marie-Angèle does not grasp; she aspires to a future of comfort and influence.

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'Roberts' description of heartache, loss and guilt is breathtaking. Simply brilliant'

This witty homage to romantic historical fiction operates to subvert it. Inspired by the lives of feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and radical poet Wordsworth, it looks at how the French Revolution put into question traditional expectations around love, romance, education and the upbringing of children. The novel is also inspired by thrillers: the gripping mystery of identity at its heart is revealed only in the last few pages.

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Therese and Leonie grow up in post-war Normandy at a time when France is struggling to come to terms with the legacy of war, from collaboration to loss. Villagers draw a veil over the past, graves in the woods are forgotten, and even the family farmhouse, occupied during the war, hides secrets. The two girls pick their way through adults' silences and evasions, but, when they each have a vision in the woods, they find themselves at variance with each other. Whose story will be believed? Whose version of the truth will prevail?

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Victorian England, ancient Egypt and contemporary London fit together like pieces in a jigsaw. Intertwined narratives by different women plait the centuries together and take us time-travelling. Can we know, hear, see the dead? How do their stories reach us? Flora Milk, a young nineteenth-century medium, haunted by an Egyptian Queen who becomes a Pharoah, haunts in her turn the old terraced house that Hattie is trying to restore. Secrets leak from the walls. Lies drive one woman towards madness. The local cemetery holds the clues.

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Josephine has written her official Life to placate the authoritarian Inquisitors, but her real thoughts, her complex visions of her new convent and Rule, remain hidden. The Church cannot tolerate women who are both holy and sexy. Josephine's full story will die with her. Her niece Isabel, griefstricken and desperate to find her own way, begins to collect leftover scraps of Josephine's writing, her relics. She pieces together a new version of Josephine that doesn't fit the official one. Throughout Josephine's story are strung fantastical, impossible and irreverent 'lives' of re-imagined saints, like the golden beads on the rosary Josephine has left to Isabel to guide her.

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