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I suppose the logic goes that there are only a small number of admissions slots available and you want to be pretty certain that the offers you extend have a higher likelihood of acceptance. To cast it in a more personal light: in my junior year of high school, I asked three people to the prom before the fourth person said yes.

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I think that prom is worth attending at least once during high school. I went to my junior prom last year and I am planning on attending my senior prom this year. I have mixed feelings about prom, but I still look forward to it because it is a fun night where you can hang out with your friends and forget about school. I think the ticket and the tuxedo or dress is worth the money. However, I think that getting a limo or crazy things like that is not necessary and not worth the money. I would be willing to spend about $300 total on prom. I think that social anxieties are only present if you allow them to be. Where to sit is definitely an issue, so people should make sure they have a group they can sit with before they go. Since I’m a guy deciding what to wear is not an issue, but asking people can be a little stressful. I try to be original in how I ask, or just go as friends. I don’t think prom is getting more elaborate at my school. I believe that prom is a strong school tradition because it is a fun way to celebrate life and all its accomplishments

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As cultural mores have changed, so has the prom--begrudgingly. An Alabama principal was sued in 1994 for threatening to cancel the prom if interracial couples attended. And despite the two South Dakota boys who in 1979 became one of the first known same-sex couples to openly attend a prom, some schools still have anti-gay bans in place. In April, a Mississippi school district canceled its prom rather than allow a student to bring her girlfriend as her date. And while going stag was once social suicide, some kids now attend in groups rather than as couples. But don't worry: between choosing the right outfit and attending the right after-party, there's still more than enough anxiety to go around.