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For younger children, this printable writing paper for kids features a box for drawing a picture, and lines for writing a story. Use with our to help kids get started with creative writing.

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Materials: Large pad of chart paper or two large sheets of white butcher paper—one sheet is designed as a replica of the student's writing paper—whichever style works best for your students, countless printable resources can be found online (I like the writing paper found on under "Mrs. I's Class"), markers, students sheets of writing paper, supply baskets at each table (each basket containing several pencils, crayon boxes, marker sets, and erasers).

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Donna Young has blank-top paper with handwriting rule in several ruled sizes one can draw on the blank top area of the paper and write something about the drawing on the ruled area of the paper Some Examples Draw a picture of A Reason For Handwriting Kindergarten Manuscript.
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By beginning this unit early on in the school year, I will be able to disconnect the link between printing and writing that is made in our district's ELA curriculum. It is clear to all of us that our students need to develop phonics skills and have a strong foundation of phonemic awareness, but as today's kindergarten pushes its students to read, write, and compute, we tend to forget about what they need when they walk in the classroom. There is so much we want to achieve with them that the curriculums tend to push students to master letter identification and production early on in the year. While these are two skills that we will cover, and hopefully master by the end of the year, this unit allows the students to tackle these skills at their own pace. It does not assume that they are all in the same developmental spot and will work at the same rate. In the article "Relationship Between Visuomotor and Handwriting Skills of Children in Kindergarten," Marsha J. Weil and Susan J. Cunningham Amundson discuss handwriting from an occupational therapist's point-of-view; they explain the penalties of beginning handwriting too early in the year, "Some children are taught handwriting before they acquire adequate prerequisites for handwriting skills. Children who are not ready to write may become discouraged and develop poor writing habits that could be difficult to correct later." 10 Not only is it inappropriate to begin handwriting so early in the year when the majority of students are not ready to tackle it, but it can cause handwriting problems that will need to be worked on down the road.

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The child receives a new page after they have illustrated, traced and reread the previous page to the teacher. This is called the conference; a teacher reviews the writing with the student. In Kindergarten editing is not a recommended part of the conference. Instead, the emphasis is on fluency of ideas and the connection of thought from page to page. This helps foster self- esteem. Individual students who are ready for punctuation can be guided in its use by the teacher. Depending upon the curriculum guidelines, spelling may be corrected, or inventive spelling may be respected as the developmental effort of the student. Many teachers will only very lightly pencil underneath if a child has created their own unreadable marks on the page telling the child, "This is so I can remember these important words you've written."