Nor did success abroad now blunt the edge of domestic discontent.

Their grandson succeeded them both in all their realms and dignities in spite of Henry VIII's hardly serious candidature for the empire; and a lifelong rivalry broke out between him and .

Then  became supreme, while Henry was immersed in the pursuit of sport and other amusements.

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But it was only gradually that the breach was completed with Rome.

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With 's help he secured parliamentary support, and its usefulness led him to extend parliamentary representation to Wales and Calais, to defend the privileges of Parliament, and to yield rather than forfeit its confidence.

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1922 Sir Ernest Shackleton, British Antarctic explorer, died of a heart attack off South Georgia. At his wife’s request he was buried there. It was his fourth expedition, aimed at circumnavigating the Antarctic in what he described as the one remaining object of Antarctic journeying; the crossing of the continent from sea to sea, via the pole.

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Henry VI is restored to the throne. Edward returns to England and defeats and kills Warwick at the Battle of Barnet. Margaret is defeated at the Battle of Tewkesbury; her son Edward, Prince of Wales, heir to the Lancastrian throne is killed in battle. Henry is murdered by being stabbed to death in the Tower of London.

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Froude's famous portraiture of Henry VIII is coloured by the ideas of hero-worship and history which the author imbibed from Carlyle, and the rival portraits in Lingard, R.

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's (1649), while good for its time, is based upon a very partial knowledge of the sources and somewhat antiquated principles of historical scholarship.

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1900 Irish leader John Redmond called for a revolt against British rule. He attained the twin dominant objectives of his political life i.e. party unity and (in September 1914) achieving Irish Home Rule under an Act which granted an interim form of self-government to Ireland. Unfortunately for Redmond, implementation of the Act was suspended by the intervention of World War I, and it was ultimately made untenable after the Conscription Crisis of 1918.

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Warwick defeats Lancastrians at Battle of Hexham; Henry VI is captured and brought to the Tower of London. Warwick falls out with Edward IV, and defeats him at Edgecote.