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The last Act contains many supernatural elements such as ghosts of the people Richard III has murdered or got killed and curses, for example, Buckingham remembering Margaret's curse, prophecies and dreams, a message...

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58. More's remains astantalizingly elusive as when he first wrote it (almost as muchso as the ). The tremendous controversy surroundingthe figure of Richard III (perhaps the most written-about Englishking with the exception of Henry VIII) is, if nothing else, atribute to the great literary and rhetorical power of More's"brief history", of his portrait or anatomy ofRichard's usurpation and tyranny, which was in turn largely takenover by Shakespeare's However, in More's history, unlike Shakespeare's play, Richardremains mainly behind the scenes, manipulating the othercharacters or figures in this historical "drama" or"dramatic" history. A succession of figures comeforward to speak for Richard: Hastings and Buckingham addressingthe Royal Council, Cardinal Bourchier's debate with the Queen onsanctuary, the sermons preached by Doctor Shaa and Friar Penkerto the citizens of London alleging the bastardy of Edward'schildren (and of Edward himself), Buckingham's speech given tothe citizens of London in the Guildhall, and the "mockisheeleccion" of Richard by Buckingham, and the Mayor andAldermen of London at Baynard's Castle. But thoughout thehistory, Richard himself actually says little.

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Richard III was a real king of England, but had been killed in battle, around 100 years prior to when Shakespeare wrote this play.

Despite Richard III’s notoriety and bloody rise to power, he served as a successful king of England because of his skill in battle, unyielding determination, and political prowess....