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City First Leadership College is an outflow of that calling and places a strong priority on life development, discipleship, and serving the local church. This has been the signature of this ministry since it was originally founded in 1993 as the Rockford Master’s Commission. We have almost 25 years of experience in running a world-changing, post-high school ministry, and thousands of leaders have been raised up and launched from this house.

Nursing Leadership Experience Essay

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Find an opportunity to demonstrate servant leadership in your organization or community through volunteering or serving others.
The experience should be something that is new for you and takes you out of your comfort zone. The goal of the experience is to get a tangible moment to think about leadership from a different perspective. Rather than looking at a leader in the hierarchical sense, look at it in terms of what the results of your volunteering could do for others and how, if done consistently, it might influence change or produce a positive impact for the greater good.
Submit a one or two paragraph summary of your intended servant leadership activity for approval by your instructor.
Include the name of the organization and contact information for the organizational leader.

Teen leadership experience essay

Discuss a leadership experience essay

I believe that the most rewarding experience in life is succeeding as a leader. When I was younger, I never understood the importance of being a leader. I was unable to understand that being a leader was so much more than just a responsibility. Because I was not motivated to do more work than necessary, I had no desire to be a leader. This changed during my sophomore year of high school. I became more observant and perceptive to seniors who had leadership positions and how it benefited them. Their personalities and characteristics made me aspire to be like them. Seeing how they developed from their roles caused me to become jealous of their positions. I was so inspired by their leadership that I did everything I could to gain a similar leadership role.