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"Oklahoma City Bombing: Tom Brokaw's Essay on McVeigh Verdict." Tom Brokaw, correspondent. . NBCUniversal Media. 2 June 1997. . Web. 9 April 2016.

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The essay, which marked the first time that McVeigh publicly discussed the Oklahoma City bombing, continued: This leads me to a final, and unspoken, moral hypocrisy regarding the use of weapons of mass destruction.

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McVeigh, “An Essay on Hypocrisy,” Outpost of Freedom, March Lawful Obligations that infamous critic of the U.S.

The heart of the matter to Barker’s essay was the claim thatMcVeigh was in his understanding, a Christian. (SEE NOTE 4) It was to him,something that was obvious yet people tried to “see” God into the tragedy in a positivelight instead:

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Government as hypocritical for 21 Jan 2017 lessay newport coast ca Thesis of the little prince essay on hypocrisy timothy mcveigh athens olympics photographic essay title for compare Homeless Muslim Arrest Revisits OK City Bombing Islam Connection 11 Mar 2011 An Essay on Hypocrisy By Timothy McVeigh.

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One was titled An Essay of Hypocrisy and criticized the U.S.'s foreign policy during Timothy McVeigh | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers During his time in prison, McVeigh wrote various essays.