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To conclude, mental blocks can drastically impact an athlete’s development, especially if for example the athlete is a diver and they have to perform a particular dive in order to compete at the same level as others. Some athletes have particular assets, whether natural or specifically worked upon, that makes them less subject to a mental block, such as their mental toughness, self-confidence or focus style. Yet overall, a mental block isn’t the end of the world – there are many techniques that athletes can use to overcome a block, and they’re even easier to combat with the help of coaches, team mates or sport psychologists.

Cheer mental block quotes in an essay

However, if it is not because they are picture-like, what is it that makes these mental representations mental images? Presumablythe idea is that a mental representation deserves to be called an image if it is of such a type that its presence to mind (i.e., its playing a role in some currently occurring cognitive process) can give rise to a quasi-perceptual experience of whatever is represented. But this move relies upon our already having a grasp of the experiential conception of imagery, which must, therefore, be more fundamental than the representational conception just outlined. Furthermore, to define imagery in the way that Block, Kosslyn etc. suggest, as first and foremost a form of representation (as explanans rather than explanandum), is to beg more basic and equally controversialquestions about the nature of the mind and the causes ofquasi-perceptual experiences. A number of scientists and philosophers,coming from a diverse range of disciplinary and theoreticalperspectives, do not accept that imagery experiences are caused by the presenceto mind of representational tokens (e.g.,Sartre, 1940; Ryle, 1949; Skinner, 1953, 1974; Sarbin, 1972; Thomas,1999b, 2009; O'Regan & Noë, 2001; Bartolomeo, 2002; Bennett &Hacker, 2003; Blain, 2006).

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A mental block can be described as a psychological obstacle that prevents athletes from performing a particular skill. Mental blocks can be easily confused with performance anxiety, as they both consist of a challenging scenario which arises in sport which forces athletes to either ‘fight’ against the perceived problem, or take ‘flight’ and avoid the scenario. Mental blocks frequently occur in sport, yet many may not recognize they happen as they hold the appropriate techniques to quickly overcome them. Nevertheless, for some athletes a mental block can be something preventing them from progressing in their career and/or development, meaning it’s important to understand the root of a mental block and how to overcome them.

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