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In this regard, I would make an analogy to a homicide that occurs"accidentally" during the commission of a felony:the perpetrators are then charged with "felony murder":the intent to commit the hacking constitutes the malice or intentto cause the damage.

Experts in computer security, who are  attorneys,speak of

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kindly, i want to know if we could use highily specialized vocabularies in task 2 (academic).
for example, using medical terms such as intra cranial haemorrhage, dyspnea, diabetes and cappillaries explosion. As some ielts tutuors claim that we cannot use these terms because examiners will not be able to understand them and this will lower my score.

There are three major classes of criminal activity with computers:

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He pled guilty and was placed on probation fortwo years, was ordered to provide 250 hours of community service,and forfeited all of the computer equipment used during his criminalactivity.

Your essay should be formal in content, not informal.

In fact this involvement of students in the design of classroom rules and procedures is one of the practices of the to improving interactions with children in elementary school. Some of the practices would also apply well with upper grades. The approach is based on the premise that children learn best when they have both academic and social-emotional skills and is the result of research and thinking from child development and constructivist educators (e.g., Piaget, Gesell, Montessori, Dewey, Erikson, and Vygotsky). As a general approach to teaching, educators might consider the following in which readers will note some of the tips Sornson (2010) also provided:

Legislatures chose to enact totally new statutes.

This time he was sentenced to 21 months in prison,followed by two years of "supervised release"during which time he was forbidden to eitherown or use any computer for his personal use.

There are several basic ways to get these data:

(4th Ed.) by Lee Canter (2010). This award-winning book "outlines a three-step approach for positive behavior management by creating a classroom discipline plan that includes: rules that students must follow at all times; positive support that students will receive consistently for following the rules; and corrective actions that the teacher will use consistently when students choose not to follow the rules" (Description section).

Dear can we use obesity for overweight ?

In the classroom, Marzano et al. (2003) said that it is important to involve students in the design of classroom rules and procedures. Although rules will vary, they should be specific and generally address expectations for behavior, beginning and ending the day or period, procedures for transitioning from one activity to the next, interruptions, materials and equipment, group work, seatwork and teacher-led activities (p. 26).

can’t we discuss like agree and dis agree and concluded them at once

There is wide variation in state statutes on computer crime in the USA:in my opinion, most state statutes are adequate to punishcomputer criminals.