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A practicum in acting verse drama, focusing on tools to mine the printed text for given circumstances, character, objective, and action; noting the opportunities and limitations that the printed play script presents; and promoting both the expressive freedom and responsibility of the actor as an interpretive and collaborative artist in rehearsal. The course will include work on sonnets, monologues, and scenes. Admission by audition. Preference to seniors and juniors; open to nonmajors.
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I recently had a chance to experience conversation through music. In 2008, I traveled to Manila, Philippines to participate in a high school jazz exchange where many students from all over Asia came together to share their talents. Everyone was mixed into different small groups to prepare for a concert at the end of week. Few people spoke fluent English so vocal communication was very tough. However, it wasn’t needed. Everyone seemed to understand each other simply through the music and there were few times where direct translation was needed. At the performance, every group played for a live audience. They all sounded phenomenal and it felt like they were in perfect time and harmony. During my group’s performance, I was able to improvise with a Korean boy who spoke very little English. But we managed to have a conversation through our instruments, building off each other’s riffs until we were creating our own melody on the fly. It was a great experience.

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Music has been the greatest medium for humans to express passion, due to the great range of emotions that can be realized through song....

Georges Fourel was born in Grenoble, France in June 19, 1892 of a French father and Italian mother. Fourel studied first at the Municipal Conservatoire of Douai (near Lille in the north of France). This prepared Georges Fourel to gain admission to the Paris Conservatoire. Georges Fourel won the Premier prix in viola at the Conservatoire in the 1913 Concour. Upon graduation, Fourel played viola in about 1913-1914. Fourel then joined the orchestra of in about 1915. It may have been that Fourel would play both Concerts Lamoureux and the Opera, since in that era, orchestral concerts all occurred at the same time on Saturday afternoons, and musicians were not contracted exclusively. During World War 1, Georges Fourel served in the French army, was wounded at Verdun, where he won the Croix de Guerre for valor. In 1918-1920, Georges Fourel played in l'Orchestre des Concerts-Touche and the Concerts de Monte-Carlo. These were small concerts, with none of the Paris halls of the era holding more than about 1500 listeners. As can be seen from the photo of Concerts-Touche, below, less than 1000 could attend.

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Exploration of musical theater created in the last ten years, with consideration of works conceived as commercial vs. those produced in non-commercial venues or developmental readings. Texts include librettos, scripts, recordings, videotapes, published essays, and analyses. These multiple approaches to understanding scores incorporate questions of how best to access multi-genre work. Attendance at selected performances in and around New York City. Music reading ability is assumed. Permission of instructor required.
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Carl (or Karl) Wendling was born August 10, 1875 in Strasbourg, France (but then called "Straßburg", being part of Germany). His father, Georg Wendling was also a musician. Carl Wendling lived for many years in Stuttgart, Germany, where he also taught at the Conservatory. Carl Wendling was Concertmaster of the Boston Symphony for one season, 1907-1908 season, under Karl Muck. In Germany, according to Robin Stowell in his Cambridge Companion to the String Quartet, Carl Wending in Stuttgart was a successor to Joseph Joachim in forming a long-term and successful string quartet. This was following World War 1, named after Carl Wending. The quartet consisted of Carl Wendling, first, Hans Michaelis, second, Philipp Neeter, viola, and Alfred Saal, cello 83. had been Principal cello of the Philadelphia Orchestra for two seasons 1904-1906. The Max Reger (1873-1916) Clarinet Quintet was dedicated to Carl Wendling, and given its premier by the Wendling String Quartet 14. The Wendling Quartet also toured the U.S. in 1922 94. Richard Aldrich, famous New York Times critic wrote that Carl Wendling:

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Introduction to journalistic reporting on performances as current events, with attention to writing in newspapers, magazines, and the blogosphere. The idea of the audience explored in relation to both a live act or screening and a piece of writing about such an event. Students attend screenings and live professional performances of plays, music concerts, and dance events. ,
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