That person for me is my best friend Katrina.

Do you have a friend who loves you? Well, I do. Her name is Linh. She is a vary close friend to me. Linh has always stuck with me through good times and bad times.
I have known her since we studied 6th grade. The first day I saw her, I was impressed by the kindness and friendliness she is. She would always beside me whenever I had problem and give for me a lot of advice. I can’t hide any secret from her, and neither can she. Every day, she would pick me up to school and stay at my house after class. We would help each other in homework; she would help me with literature that is her strong suit, and I would help her with math in turn. Once in a while, she would give me some fruit and juice that she made by herself. No matter how we far we are now, we still keep in touch with each other. Somebody has told to me if a friendship last longer than seven years, it will last a lifetime. Hopefully, it’s right to us, and we will keep our friendship forever.
My definition of true friendship is someone who sticks around when things get tough. I’m thankful I’ve met Linh and I hope our friendship lasts forever.

Having Brittany as my best friend has made me into the person I am today....

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Raybon, Patricia. 1996. My first white friend: confessions on race, love, and forgiveness. New York: Viking.

And then, unexpectedly, on the third day, as I was walking through the forest, I became overwhelmed. I’m still not sure what triggered it, but my best guess is that the shady, quiet woodlands, with brooks trickling their way down hillsides and birds flitting through the moist air, summoned memories of my childhood. I was a lonely boy who spent many hours outside in the copses and woodlands of my native Sussex, in England. I had explored this landscape with friends, but also alone — playing imaginary scenarios in my head, creating little nooks where I could hang and sometimes read, learning every little pathway through the woods and marking each flower or weed or fungus that I stumbled on. But I was also escaping a home where my mother had collapsed with bipolar disorder after the birth of my younger brother and had never really recovered. She was in and out of hospitals for much of my youth and adolescence, and her condition made it hard for her to hide her pain and suffering from her sensitive oldest son.

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If the internet killed you, I used to joke, then I would be the first to find out. Years later, the joke was running thin. In the last year of my blogging life, my health began to give out. Four bronchial infections in 12 months had become progressively harder to kick. Vacations, such as they were, had become mere opportunities for sleep. My dreams were filled with the snippets of code I used each day to update the site. My friendships had atrophied as my time away from the web dwindled. My doctor, dispensing one more course of antibiotics, finally laid it on the line: “Did you really survive HIV to die of the web?”

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My First White Friend is a short novel about the discourse of hatred and forgiveness and the perfect way to conquer ones fears. It is a detailed account of how the writer learnt to love white friend and the forgiveness she gave to the white people. Patricia Raybon mixes between styles of journal, memoir and social analysis analyses the dangerous choice of forgiveness. The book ascertains that the risk of forgiveness is not in loving the white but in learning to love oneself. Patricia Raybon is a former journalist who has written for famous magazines such as The New York Times and The Denver Post. Her experience in journalism provided an important ground for her writings on race, family and culture. She is an associate professor of Journalism University of Colorado. The book, My First White Friend, has received many awards including an award for artistic excellence in the field of literature.

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