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In answering this question, please permit me to digress a bit by telling you about two very similar African countries in which leadership has made the critical difference. My colleagues in field of comparative politics have pointed out that Botswana and Somalia are quite similar when you look at their fundamental characteristics. Both have: (1) one large dominant group ethnic group divided into clans; (2) both are sparsely populated in semi-arid conditions; (3) at independence, both depended on livestock for the livelihood of a majority of the population. While the Botswana leadership was collectively focused and had a vision of what it wanted to do with the country, the leadership in Somalia was divided against itself. As a result, Botswana learnt to harness its limited resources for generally agreed objectives. It learned to survive under the shadow of apartheid South Africa. And it learned to manage its diamond resources well when those resources started flowing in. Somalia, on the other hand had a divided leadership, some of whom wanted to build Greater Somalia by military means, while others simply wanted to get on with running the country they inherited from colonialism. As a result, the Somali leadership lacked focus and vision, and often fought itself through conspiracies and military coups. Somalia also went to war with its neighbours. For anybody looking at these two countries today, the difference is clear.

(1). ?U.S. Nation-Building in Iraq Will Work? by Donald Rumsfeld (2007)

If we are to succeed in nation-building, we must have a leadership that is committed to the rule of law and has a demonstrable sense of fairplay and democratic tolerance; a leadership with ability and integrity; above all else, we must have a leadership that can see beyond the ostentatious pomp of office. We must have leaders who have a vision for a Nigeria better than the one they inherited; leaders who will lead by deeds and not by words; achievers, not deceivers. We need a leadership that will not only leave its foot-prints on the sands of time, but one, which by dint of hard-work, fairplay, dedication and commitment, will live forever in the hearts of Nigerians.

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According to my distinguished compatriot, Chinua Achebe, the trouble with Nigeria is the failure of leadership. Leadership is a critical factor in nation-building and it should be understood in two important but related ways. Firstly, there are the personal qualities of integrity, honesty, commitment, and competence of individual leaders at the top. Secondly, there are the collective qualities of common vision, focus, and desire for development of the elites as a whole.

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2. As you read, take detailed, analytical notes, keeping in mind the following question: Do you believe that the nation building efforts in Iraq were a success or a failure? And by extension, do you support nation building as a foreign policy initiative? Why/why not? Use the situation in Iraq as your key support.

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What is nation building? – Modern nation building usually involves a country facilitating the creation of a regime friendly to its interests that can eventually function independently. This type of nation building can take the form of economic aid, military participation or both. It can be undertaken for reasons of national interest, humanitarian concern or a combination of the two.

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– Supporters of nation building, meanwhile, argue that countries with weak or failed governments are a danger to world stability, especially with the growth of international criminal and terrorist organizations who use them as bases. They also argue that it is better in the long term to engage in nation building than to have to deal in the future with the instability caused by not engaging in it. And they point to successful past examples of nation building to demonstrate that it works.