In answering this question, However, nature (or victor frankenstein).

This nature versus nurture debate affects many aspects of life, including the treatment of serial killers and psychopaths, and recognition of emotional and mental disorders, the acceptance of homosexuality, and even video game regulation.

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The primary goals of this unit are to actively engage students in their own learning while challenging them to perform at high levels and to experience success. The unit uses the novel, Frankenstein, and the study of human body systems and genetics as the cornerstones of this creative extension of language arts, science, health, mathematics, art, social studies, and reading. Challenging students to connect classical philosophy and values to twenty-first century technology and human development produces the spark of life in this unit that arouses a natural intellectual curiosity in students as they apply their understanding of classical literature to modern bioethical issues surrounding genetic engineering.

Nature Vs Nurture In Frankenstein.

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I definitely agree with you that Frankenstein’s creation only became a “monster” after mankind refused to accept him. When the creature first comes in contact with man and is discovering emotion, he longs for compassion acceptance. He only wants to be cared for and nurtured in the same way that human parents care for their children. When he is continuously denied this acceptance, he becomes enraged and lashes out at mankind. If he had been nurtured by Frankenstein and treated with compassion, he would never have become a “monster”.

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This element of romanticized nature is a recurrent element in Frankenstein and is used to reflect emotions, as a place for relaxation and as foreshadowing....

Twins are commonly used to study the effects of nature versus nurture

I agree, there is no question that lack nurture is the primary cause of the creatures dislike for mankind. It seems as if nature made him to be good. However, nature (or victor frankenstein) left him devoid of nurture in the form of a companion. This isolation is the root of all the creatures problems

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I agree with you, Carly. It is obvious that the monster is initially benevolent and has a good nature. However, as people attack him when he does not do anything, he loses faith in human. It is the slow development after he is created that he starts to become cruel and twisted. Think about it, if a person is abandoned by your birth parents and is disgusted by people with no reason, will that person still be able to maintain his or her good nature? It is the nurture that takes place after that person’s birth determines his or her personality and future.

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I agree with the points you made in this post. However, did Frankenstein intend to create someone malicious or benevolent? I feel like in the novel, Frankenstein does not include the nature of the monster. However, nurture has definitely shaped the monster and made him who he is.

Frankenstein does not include the nature of the monster

The nature versus nurture controversy is used to attempt to answer the question, what makes you you?

Nature (our genes) and nurture (our environment) affect our individual differences in behavior, mental processes, and personality.