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It was this that Hitler wanted to capitalise on for the future of Nazi Germany and by doing this they need to take advantage of the young people as they are the next generation of Nazis.

The National Socialists stressed the importance of the impeccability of the German race.

Power is the great or marked ability to act or do. Hitler was a powerful genius. Before he had too much he knew that he had to eliminate anyone who could potentially stop him, and with out raising any suspicion. As he gained more and more momentum towards more power, so did the Nazi party. He held huge Nazi rallies to promote himself and his ideas. His biggest rally location was in Nürnburg, Germany.

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Nicosia, Francis R., Nazi Germany and the Arab World (Cambridge University Press, January 2015).

There is a ton of question to why Hitler was able to get away with such heinous crimes but he bigger question was why did no one stop him earlier. Those who were not Nazi’s were afraid of him those who were worshiped him. He portrayed himself as a god like figure. It became so popular to be Nazis people wanted to either blend in or stay on the outside, no one wanted to stand out and bare the consequences. One of the biggest moments where Hitler could have been potentially stopped was Papen’s speech. Franz von Papen was the Vice President during Hitler’s regime. He usually had his speeches written for him and in this instance the speechwriters had something else in mind. They wrote a speech that spoke against Hitler, forcing Papen to read it. There was a huge chance that could have been the difference between having Holocaust or not because the speechwriters chose the perfect time and place. They pick a conference where reporters from all around had gathered, just to make sure the speech would get out. After the speech, both Papen and Hitler raced to see President Hindenburg. Hitler won and was able to talk to the president first, averting the possible loss of his power. Hindenburg was also extremely capable of stopping Hitler. He died before he could make the decision to fire him. Germans began to look the other way as they heard more stories of the truth. Austrians even visited a camp called Mauthausen to watch the SS play soccer, feet away from where the Nazis were killing off the prisoners. A woman that lived above the work quarry at Mauthausen wrote a letter to the police that she could see as well as hear the forced labor and death below her. She didn’t even necessarily demand it to be stopped, just taken elsewhere out of her sight. Ultimately, during opening where Hitler could have been stopped, the people that mattered the most trusted him. They needed a boost in economy, jobs, someone to blame and someone to follow. He provided all of these things, especially the German pride they had lost in the Treaty of Versailles. By the time he began doing things that were unacceptable, he was already too strong to be stopped.

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The Nazis were quick to take advantage of the economic problems that the Weimar Government faced and started to market themselves as "the party that may have the solutions to Germany's many problems." After the Wall Street Crash in late 1929, the Nazis gained 107 seats...

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Soon after Hitler's enrollment the party's name was changed to the National Socialist German Worker's Party and in the summer of 1921 his talents as an orator and propagandist enabled him to take over the leadership of the Nazi Party....

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Even as Germany was starving from attrition in a lack in war supplies as well as civilian essentials such as food, Nazi officials declined from enlisting the female force as laborers.

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