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Anarchists are fond, however, of arguing that anarchism is not about theorizing but about practices and the continuous invention of new organizational forms. But what sort of practices and forms? Horizontality, rhizomatic practices and decentralization of power are litmus tests it seems for anarchists as well as autonomistas these days. Springer asserts, however, “Every time you have ever invited friends over to dinner, jaywalked, mowed your neighbor’s lawn, skipped a day at work, looked after your brother’s kids, questioned your professor, borrowed your mother in law’s car, disregarded a posted sign, or returned a favor, you have – perhaps unknowingly – engaged in anarchist principles” (2014: 265).

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It was the necessity of procuring food for his belly by kill up wild animals at a distance that forced the primitive man invent weapons like the spear, the boomerang and the blow and the arrows.

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If necessity is the mother of invention then curiosity is its father – Rupal Bhadu

An opinion piece by Dr Kathelijne Koops of the University of Cambridge and others, published today (12 November 2014) in , challenges the assumption that necessity is the mother of invention. She and her colleagues argue that research into tool use by primates should look at the opportunities for tool use provided by the local environment.