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Are you concerned about the potentially harmful effects of using insect control products filled with synthetic chemicals? You're not alone. Growers everywhere are seeking alternatives such as organic pesticides for protecting their plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs from destructive insects.

The extra large, 72-inch FULL LED screen size also makes the picture more expansive than ever.

The Wild Oats items will appear in around 2000 stores, half of its national footprint, as early as this month and will be available in the more than 4,000 Wal-Mart stores across the country that sell groceries.
The same research also found that nine in ten people felt that organic foods were better than conventional foods.

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How to Start an Organic Garden in 9 Easy StepsGrow your own delicious, healthful organic food.

Over 90 percent of Wild Oats offerings at Walmart will be organic and the rest will adhere to company standards about additives and ingredients, but not conform to U.S.
Wanting to get a bigger piece of the organic foods market, Target announced Wednesday that it was banding together natural and organic food growers like Annie's Homegrown, Horizon Organic and Plum Organics to help make it easier for customers to buy such products.
BRUSSELS, July 27 (UPI) -- The European Commission said it was moving in line behind a French plan to build a pilot project that would help convert power from tides into electricity.

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FORT WORTH, Texas, July 26 (UPI) -- Lockheed Martin and Korea Aerospace Industries completed the initial test flight of its second T-50A trainer aircraft, Lockheed announced Tuesday.

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DUSSELDORF, Germany, July 26 (UPI) -- Germany's Rheinmetall Group reports receipt of a seven-year contract, worth over $439 million, to supply ammunition to an unidentified international customer.

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The colours of the fruits look stunning.

The Art and Science of Grassfarming. Raising animals on pasture requires more knowledge and skill than sending them to a feedlot. For example, in order for grass-fed beef to be succulent and tender, the cattle need to forage on high-quality grasses and legumes, especially in the months prior to slaughter. Providing this nutritious and natural diet requires healthy soil and careful pasture management so that the plants are maintained at an optimal stage of growth. Because high-quality pasture is the key to high-quality animal products, many pasture-based ranchers refer to themselves as "grassfarmers" rather than “ranchers.” They raise great grass; the animals do all the rest.

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Unnatural Diets. Animals raised in factory farms are given diets designed to boost their productivity and lower costs. The main ingredients are genetically modified grain and soy that are kept at artificially low prices by government subsidies. To further cut costs, the feed may also contain “by-product feedstuff” such as municipal garbage, stale pastry, chicken feathers, and candy. Until 1997, U.S. cattle were also being fed meat that had been trimmed from other cattle, in effect turning herbivores into carnivores. This unnatural practice is believed to be the underlying cause of BSE or “mad cow disease.”