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I hope my situation works out like yours. I’m staying in California and ex is moving to Kansas with our daughter. We already have a agreement written up. We are amicable as possible just have to wait until divorce is final. After you agreed to let your son move, did you have doubts about what you agreed to? If so, what helped you have reassurance you were doing the right thing? I’m having a hard time with the idea of not having my daughter around, even though I know this the best thing for her. Any feedback would greatly appreciate. Thanks Mario.

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I feel for your distress, children will never know the depths of ouright sacrifices until they are grown up and have children of their own. Young girls are particularly difficult during teen years, especially with their mothers. In your situation, it seems best if you are ok in your heart with it….allow her to go. Giving her the space she needs to re establish a relationship with her father is good. Perhaps in that space, she may she things in his new wife that she doesn’t like, in a motherly way. I am learning that as a mom to a 15 year old son, he must learn to feel his way alone. I have to let him go in some ways, so he can grow. It’s so much harder on me!!!! Being a mother is the hardest job, we carry the burden of everything. Men can’t be expected to ever get it. I am assurring you that touch are in good company.

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How is it going for you two? I am between a rock and a hard place at the moment. my relationship with my son’s mother has broke down and I am really homesick, so I am planning to return back home. My professional aspirations are there as well as my home. However it is hard to make the step as I love my son more than anything and the prospect of only seeing him once a month breaks my heart.

Thanks a bunch for your prompt response. God bless you.. 🙂

I am so thankful to have found this site. My mother has ALS and I am 850 miles away. The conversations are quicker, the breaks are longer with nothing to say, the day-to-day conversations seem boring to them (to me). So, I look up crazy animal stories, and fun apps like fliplip from itunes. (Makes you talk funny). What else have I got, right? God Help Us All.

My baby is developing normally and is healthy and strong.

I’m 5 days away from a trip from Detroit to Oregon, and I’m struggling with the same questions. The most important thing to remember is that you are moving for them, because a healthy, happy father is what they need, not a resentful one. As long as their mother can keep them sheltered, fed, educated and comfortable, you won’t do them any good by worrying about them. Just be as available as you can be, keep them in your heart, and trust that they will always love you.

Your comment will be appreciable.Thanks in advance.

Jeremy, I’m reading your desperate post, wondering if you have moved?
My experience has taken me continents away from my children, 4 years have passed and my one regret is not taking them with me, or at the very least making legally binding commitments between the other parent before I moved. If I was your friend or family member I would tell you to stop staring at walls and go out, build a life where you are, make new friends there close to your children. Get over the pain of your ex. Fill your spare time with work and study. A familiar city will not take away the pain you feel, moving closer to your family will not fill the hole in your life, the void leaving your children creates is far greater!
Maybe not what you want to hear but from my experience leaving your children makes the emotional demons you face bigger, so unless you’re leaving your children for work or school, something that will make their lives better at the end of the day, think twice!

Thank you for your prompt response.

Thanks for this site i am separated from my daugther her mother decided to move away from me so now i cannot see my daugther every day like before this come by the economical situacion and i depress