Parerga And Paralipomena Short Philosophical Essays

( for "Appendices" and "Omissions", respectively; : ) is a collection of philosophical reflections by published in 1851. The selection was compiled not as a summation of or introduction to Schopenhauer's philosophy, but as augmentary readings for those who had already embraced it, although the author maintained it would be comprehensible and of interest to the uninitiated nevertheless. The collection is divided into two volumes, covering first the and thereafter the to that philosophy. The are six extended essays intended as supplementary to the author's thought. The , short ruminations divided by topic into thirty-one subheadings, cover material hitherto unaddressed by the philosopher but deemed by him to be complementary to the .

Parerga And Paralipomenashort Philosophical Essays …

This new translation presents the Schopenhauer’s collection of popular philosophical essays by Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860) in a readable and scholarly edition. This was the book that made Schopenhauer famous after long neglect. It addresses themes that complement his work The World as Will and Representation but is more popular in style. It includes his Aphorisms on the Wisdom of Life, reflections on fate and clairvoyance, trenchant views on the philosophers and universities of his day, and an enlightening survey of the history of philosophy. This edition contains a substantial introduction explaining the context of the essays, and is the first English edition to give extensive editorial notes on the different published versions of the work.

PARERGA AND PARALIPOMENA: A Collection of Philosophical Essays

Parerga und Paralipomena) is a collection of philosophical reflections by ..