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The bottom line: The MacBook Pro that I configured was $3049. The HP Compaq 8710w was $3561. Adding the Adobe image and video editing software brings it to $3661. The HP Compaq 8710w came standard with a three-year HP extended warranty. A similar warranty from Apple costs an extra $349. If you factor that in, the price difference makes the MacBook Pro just $263 less than the HP notebook.

Price aside, there are other factors in the Mac vs. Windows debate. Among them:

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I recommend using one of the many free utilities to stop Windows 10 spying. Check for a comparison

Sounds entirely plausible to me. After all, isn't Microsoft doing the same with Windows 10 now? Pro and Enterprise users would have the option to disable automatic updates and tick off most of the data the operating system wants to send back to Redmond. Home users on the other hand are forced to download automatic updates, whereas the OS also controls how much bandwidth a user consumes, displays ads in the Start Menu, logs every key press on the keyboard, downloads a user's browser history, and so on and so forth.

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Macintosh claims that their computers are more efficient when working with graphic design and media arts, while a PC is known for mathematical superiority and a stronger variety of hardware and software.

Mac OS X is significantly better than Windows Vista

That's not a fair comparison because you learned on iOS and then switched platforms. Likewise, if you learned to use a computer running Windows and switched to a Mac, many things would be unintuitive to you, but the OS would be less to blame than the fact that you were being forced to alter your habits.

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And yet, pretty much nobody will put their money where their mouths are and buy equipment that is inherently more secure than average: Apple Mac, Linux, BSD, Blackphone... all continue with an uphill struggle.

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Don't buy into the old argument that Mac laptops are categorically more expensive than Windows machines. Sometimes that's true--but they're often on par with, or cost less than, their closest Windows laptop equivalents.

Apple has a long relationship with Adobe

Worth noting: HP offers similarly configured laptops marketed to consumers for less. For example, I configured an for consumers with specs similar to the MacBook Pro and the HP Compaq 8710w for $1818 (I configured this system on 7/7/08, so it may not provide an apples-to-apples price and spec comparison to the systems I configured on 6/20.) The dv9700t I configured didn't include an extended warranty, however, which would have added $249 or $349, depending upon the warranty option chosen.