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The National Guard, like the Regular Army, is now part of the establishment of a Standing Army, which the Founders feared as a threat to freedom (they would have called it merely a "select militia").

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The second is to convert is to turn negatives into positives — in other words, converting your weaknesses into strengths, or threats into opportunities. This can mean growing a skill set through education or finding a creative way to feature a weakness as a strength. For instance, if you are very outgoing, working in an introspective and isolated environment may not suit you very well. But if you can work toward a position, such as sales, in which you interact with many people, that weakness turns into a strength and could allow you to excel.

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Those among them who are suspicious become loyal, while those who are already loyal remain so [], and from subjects they are transformed into partisans [].

I'm neither proud of it nor ashamed; it's the means we have.

The only time I have ever seen the phrase "beyond good and evil" in traditional texts is in the , where one goes beyond good and evil by detachment from the world and a loss of interest in worldly success.

Has not this violated the Professor's principles?

The gentleman protects the lady, rather than raping her -- where the latter to Nietzsche would be the "natural" thing, and more life affirming (she might get pregnant, after all).

We see the rationale next:He chuckled.

Indeed, Nietzsche sees "aristocratic values" as encompassing the rapine and looting of invading barbarians, but this has nothing to do with the values that still cling to the word "nobility" today or that are detailed in Mediaeval discussions or examples of chivalry.

I made my choice and have no regrets." [pp.

Berlin acknowledges that Machiavelli uses, following a long , the justification of "necessity" ( -- , "necessity knows no law"), but he seems to be saying that Machiavelli doesn't really it and, apparently not worrying about it very much, he shouldn't.

This is Machiavellian in the best sense.

as "sacred values," and the phrase "beyond good and evil" invokes a immoralism that is alien to any Classical moralist who rejects the arguments of Thrasymachus in the , which means pretty much all of them.

The ideal of Locke, and the basis of for Kant, is the .

Berlin says that Machiavelli's advice is "Beyond good and evil in some non-Aristotelian, religious, or liberal-Kantian sense; but not beyond the good and evil of those communities, ancient or modern, whose sacred values are social through and through." But no community I have ever heard of (or even Aristotle) countenances betrayal, murder, etc.