Is private tuition a necessary evil?

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Private tuitions are a necessary evil essays

But the golden age (though before vain ambition, and amor sceleratus habendi, evil concupiscence had corrupted men′s minds into a mistake of true power and honour) had more virtue, and consequently better governors, as well as less vicious subjects; and there was then no stretching prerogative on the one side to oppress the people, nor, consequently, on the other, any dispute about privilege, to lessen or restrain the power of the magistrate; and so no contest betwixt rulers and people about governors or government. Yet, when ambition and luxury, in future ages, would retain and increase the power, without doing the business for which it was given, and aided by flattery, taught princes to have distinct and separate interests from their people, men found it necessary to examine more carefully the original and rights of government, and to find out ways to restrain the exorbitances and prevent the abuses of that power, which they having entrusted in another′s hands, only for their own good, they found was made use of to hurt them.112.

Private Tutions Are a Necessary Evil Essay - 701 Words

(BTW, here is another point to demonstrate the evilness of the Stanfords. They both urged Amitakh’s older daughter, who studied Music, to write a malicious essay attacking Mozart and calling him demonic. They did this because the rumour had gone around that someone had said I had been Mozart, and in order to attempt to discredit me…and so on. Can you believe the extent of the evil of these demons? As History would have it, Mozart was Haydn’s pupil for a while and Haydn is report to have said that Mozart was the greatest musician the world had ever seen and would ever see until Earth’s end. Yes, Haydn was privy to the Endtime scenario.)