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What is remarkable is how quickly this happened, how unbidden and unanticipated: the toppling of the Berlin Wall in November 1989; the reunification a year later; the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War in late December 1991; a resurgent impetus to West European integration in 1992; and NATO enlargement, which was consecrated in April 1999....

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The Commission is also working towards discontinuing the existing intra-EU bilateral investment treaties (BITs), many of which existed before the most recent rounds of EU enlargement. These agreements between Member States are considered by the Commission to be an impediment to the single market as they both clash and overlap with the EU legislative framework. For example, the arbitration mechanisms which are integrated into the BITs exclude both the national courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union, thus preventing the application of EU law. BITs may also result in more favourable treatment being given to investors from certain Member States which concluded intra-EU BITs. The Commission has launched infringement proceedings against a number of Member States.

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Although The EU (European Union) is strengthening Europe economically and politically the states that form it have surrendered considerable amounts of their national sovereignty.