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Some believe that educational psychology should move from problem identification to solution-seeking. The new conceptions of learning require learning environments that are “student centered, knowledge centered, assessment centered, and community centered”. These new conceptions of learning also require that teachers understand pedagogy as it interacts with their specific content knowledge rather than simply learn a set of general teaching methods they apply to any content; recognize the role prior knowledge plays in the learning process; and understand the importance of cultural contexts in learning. Researches such as Binkley suggest that educational psychology should focus more on development of creativity, critical thinking, metacognition, collaboration skills, and information literacy in students. These will have little to do with the early theories mentioned above and currently studied by teacher candidates.

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These processes include attention, perception, learning and reasoning, (Eysenck and Keane, 2010).There are a number of approaches which can be used within this field, however for the purposes of the essay only two will be compared; cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology.

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Any occupation demands some basic knowledge of psychology. Therefore, it is important to learn and write about psychology education in general and educational psychology in particular. An essay format, in which you collect information, research, and draw your own conclusions, would be a good exercise for you. So, below is a sample essay on educational psychology.