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Thereport, created by the Center on Education Policy, states,“’Once the full scope of the family is taken intoaccount, cultural capital as well as economic capital, private schooleffects disappear.’” (Robelen 1) This conclusionwas reached after tests were done on 1003 students from similarsituations as they progressed through high school.

It is hard to argue with the fact that when test scores are comparedoverall, private schools appear to do much better than public schools.

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Many have noted that flexibility and dynamism are part of the genetic code of private business, so we should expect these organizations to be more receptive to the massive changes required by a turnaround process than institutions set in what Hess calls the “political, regulatory, and contractual morass of K–12 schooling.” Accordingly, school turnarounds should be more difficult to achieve. Indeed, a consultant with the Bridgespan Group reported, “Turnarounds in the public education space are far harder than any turnaround I’ve ever seen in the for-profit space.”

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Recent studiesprove that students get just as good of an education attending publicschool if not better than a private school.

That said, some of the views I have heard from different parents may help you more productively mull the choice between public and private schools.