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There are some unique ways of feeling loved; and you must identify them in your relationship. In order to maintain healthy, strong and happy relationship you must take care of love languages like Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts and Physical Touch. It is imperative to identify with well-communication that what makes your partner feel loved and special. This will certainly help you make deep connection between you and your love-mate. Make sure you’re attending your mate’s love language over and over again.

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You must avoid comparison of your relationship with others.Overall, The DNA of Relationships was a powerful book to read to learn face the dangers of all the relationships and taking the steps to make sure that the relationships are strong and healthy in the eyes of God....Unfortunately, eating like that and doing little to no physical activity will inadvertently shorten your lifespan and can impair your overall quality of life....When we master the art of relating and creating healthy relationships, our world around us becomes relatively easy to cope with, and we find a sense of our true belonging....

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For any relationship communication is imperative. It is one of the most imperative qualities that helps maintain a healthy and happy relationship. How to communicate with partner is an art; and not everyone knows about it. Even many don’t communicate at all. Happy couples always communicate well and have their communication game down. They express their love and feelings to one another; saying romantic three words “I Love You”. They often offer compliments to their partner. They discuss their problems to one another. In order to maintain your relationship healthy and happy; and grow as a true caring couple, you too need to talk to your partner about your feelings and what you feel for one another. No matter how awkward or uncomfortable it feels, good communication will make for a strong, happy, long-lasting and pleasing relationship.