We often use and , and to show degree with adverbs:

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In most cases, however, the form without the  ending should be reserved for casual situations:

Robert Strauss is a journalist whose work primarily appears in the and the Philadelphia newspapers. Hehas been a reporter for , afeature writer for the , a news producer for KYW-TV in Philadelphia and a TV criticfor the and . He isthe author of , a funny/sentimental memoirabout being the father of girl jocks, and he also has an online columnof the same name (“Daddy’s Little Goalie”) with Gannett. He is workingon another memoir about going to 100 countries as a nerd/adventuretraveler – hopefully the male nebbish equivalent of . Since he was in fifth grade and wrote the classic, "The SlickSecond Baseman," Strauss has always wanted a career in writing and isglad to have had the chance. He is also a manic, if somewhatuntalented, basketball and piano player. He loves to travel, butespecially likes to country-count, a prospect that often has hischildren Ella (19) and Sylvia (16) rolling their eyes as they have, forinstance, lunch in Liechtenstein or San Marino or a quick bordercrossing to Gibraltar. Strauss and his family live in Haddonfield, NewJersey. He is married to journalist Susan Warner.

This issue is addressed in the section on .

is usually replaced, nowadays, by . It is still used, however, to mean "ought to" as in

has published two collectionsof stories , and , two novels, and andtwo books of non-fiction, , and. was made into a film as were two otherscreenplays, and . Five of his books have been NewYork Times Notable Books. His stories and essays are widely anthologizedand have appeared in , ,, andmany literary magazines and in and .His essay, "The American Bakery" was selected by the as one of the best to appear in thefirst 100 years of the . He hasreceived grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, TheNational Endowment for the Arts, and the Guggenheim Foundation. HisPh.D. is in 17th century literature. He has given readings at manyuniversities and taught at Michigan, Stanford, NYU, Columbia, and RiceUniversity where he held the Fox Chair in English. Max regularly hostsand introduces readings by eminent fiction writers, such as .

The adverb comes before adjectives and other adverbs:

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The adverb is often followed by an :

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Hendrickson has degrees in English from St. Louis University and PennState. He is married and has two grown sons (both working in media) andlives with his wife, Cecilia, outside Philadelphia. He has entered theterror, the "long joyful sickness"--as John Updike once called it--ofthe next book project. It has to do with Frank Lloyd Wright and is beingsupported at its outset by a second National Endowment for the Artsliterature fellowship.

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