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"Richard Rortyís Philosophical Papers: Objectivity,Relativism and Heidegger." /Journal of The British Society ForPhenomenonlogy/ 23: 1 (Jan, 1992) 76-83.

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Hubert L. Dreyfus, who passed away on Friday April 21, was a figure of quiet importance in the discipline of philosophy. He belonged to the philosophical cohort that includes Richard Rorty, Charles Taylor, Alasdair MacIntyre, Jürgen Habermas, and Richard Bernstein, but unlike the aforementioned Dreyfus was not widely known outside the disciplines of philosophy and cognitive science, and he donned the mantle of “public intellectual” rarely if at all. Like Rorty et. al., he played a pivotal role in rendering phenomenologists like Merleau-Ponty and Heidegger, and poststructuralist genealogists like Foucault, intelligible to Anglo-American scholars. He was part of the dogged and frustrating effort to close the “Continental/Analytic Divide” which finally does seem to be narrowing, and he accomplished this in two ways.

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Yet offenses against free speech are often committed by people who otherwise may be self-avowed partisans of Friedrich Nietzsche; and Nietzsche's examples here of "murder, arson, rape, and torture" remind us of contemporary accusations about the "" in modern education, and particularly about accusations of gang rape at fraternities -- cases that briefly create frenzies of self-righteouness in the press and among academics, intellectuals, and politicians but which have frequently turned out to be hoaxes or delusions.