Essay on 1920s: The Roaring Twenties in Canada

Jordan demonstrates this mentality when, after being told that she is a terrible driver by Nick, responds with “It Takes two to make an accident.” (58) This is very reminiscent of the carefree lifestyle of Americans in the roaring twenties, a decade of joy and partying after the First World War, which spanned four years and saw the deaths of millions of innocent people.

What were some of the cultural changes that characterized the roaring twenties' in Canada?

The growing sense of Canadian identity that emerged after WWI was encouraged by some Canadian painters (Creaing Canada.) the Group of Seven, 'who first established together in 1920, were trying to capture the essence of the Canadian spirit through their abstract landscapes (The Roaring Twenties- Arts and Culture).

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Its image is on the back of the Canadian dime.' (The Roaring Twenties-Arts and Culture).
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Why were the 1920's a period of significant change in Canada
Canada's road to autonmy
The 1920's decade was a period of dramatic change in Canada.