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In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the audience witnesses a great amount of familial pride when Tybalt shouts to an opposing family member, “What, drawn, and talk of peace....

Romeo and Juliet is one of the ten tragedies that William Shakespeare wrote.

Romeo and Juliet did their best to keep out of the violence but the people around them such as family friends and the local community that were making them unhappy.

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In this essay, I will include many different reasons as to why Romeo and Juliet die.

The famous play Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, is about two lovers of two different families who hate each other and the misdemeanors they have to surpass.

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The optimism and romance of Romeo and Juliet livened the play up, O she doth teach the torches to burn bright” a far cry from the hate that causes so much misery. Love, lies and hate are the recipe for disaster in this play – and resulting in two tragic unnecessary deaths.

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Shakespeare has shown right from the start of the play that the feud is serious, it is causing deaths and mayhem even though Romeo and Juliet fall in love, they are taking a big risk. TALK ABOUT THE FIRST MEETING??

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Romeo and Juliet is a play. A DRAMATISATION OF AN AMAZING LOVE BETWEEN TWO TEENAGERS. It’s famous for being a tragic love story. DELETE THIS: This is Shakespeare’s portray of a typical tragedy. It’s about some serious topics involving love and death, a sad and emotional story. The two main characters die at the end as a result of hatred OF WHAT?.

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this helped a lot, i have exam tommarow and i have to write an essay about how shakespeare present love between romeo and juliet. i have to write 2 paragraph about sonnet, can somebody tell me what i have to write on that 2 sonnet paragraph please………… hplease help

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Second, ’s larger frame story and the inner story do parallel each other, but in more surprising ways than is usually the case. Jason/Romeo and Peter/Mercutio are best friends in both worlds. Nadia/Nurse and Ivy/Juliet are connected but not friends in both worlds. Romeo/Jason and Tybalt/Matt are rivals in both worlds. Of course, Lucas, the school drug dealer, parallels Shakespeare’s apothecary. And Chantelle stands in for Friar Lawrence, the only adult that is truly on the lovers’ side. But Matt also parallels the character of Paris, whose romantic intentions toward Juliet are rebuffed in favor of Romeo. In , the "real world" characters also depart from their parallels in interesting ways. In ’s "real world," Tybalt/Paris is in love with Juliet, who falls for Romeo, who is already in love with Mercutio. The romantic couple in Shakespeare becomes a more complex, romantic double-triangle in .