by Jan Wolenski and Eckhart Kohler (Kluwer, 1998).

Gregg, Samuel. "Intention, Choice and Identity in Thomas More's The History of King Richard the Third/Historia Richardi Tertii." (Dec. 2012)


Action was once a prominent theme in philosophical reflection. It figured prominently in Aristotelian philosophy, and the medieval Scholastics built some of their key adages around it. But by the time Maurice Blondel came to focus on it for his own philosophical reflection, it had all but disappeared from the philosophical vocabulary. It is no longer possible or legitimate to ignore action in philosophy as it was in France when Blondel appeared on the scene in 1882, when at the age of 21 he first began to focus on action as a dissertation subject, and in 1893, when he defended and published the dissertation now presented here for the English reader.

by Jo Ellen Jacobs and Paula Harms Payne (Indiana, 1998) and, ed.

Both  and distinguished its productive and practical components from more theoretical concerns.

Thoreau's essay (1849) is a classic statement of the principles, later employed by and , of passive resistance against governmental authority on the basis of individual conscience.

by Alex Byrne, Robert Stalnaker, and Ralph Wedgwood (MIT, 2001).

To take one of these essays, copy it, and to pass it off as your own is known as plagiarism—academic dishonesty which will result (in every university I've heard tell of) in suspension or dismissal from the university.

by Carl Bode (Viking, 1977) andRobert D.

-- A curious blind spot in the Anglo-American tradition of antitheistic argument -- The problem of the reality and multiplicity of divine ideas in Christian neoplatonism -- Is the ethical eudaimonism of Saint Thomas too self-centered?

and Barry Moser, (California, 1988).

-- Conscience and the person -- Democracy, ethics, religion : an intrinsic connection -- What cannot be said in Saint Thomas's essence-existence doctrine -- Living on the edge : the human person as "frontier being" and microcosm -- The metaphysics of religious art : reflections on a text of Saint Thomas -- Part II: New articles -- The immediate creation of the human soul by God and some contemporary challenges -- The creative imagination : unique expression of our soul-body unity -- The creative imagination as treated in Western thought -- The integration of personalism and Thomistic metaphysics in twenty-first-century Thomism.

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