I just re-read it and, to me, my argument seems pretty solid.

If your word count is too low, you will receive a lower score. However, I can’t predict what your score will be. You need to wait and see.
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I wanted to post it here to see what you guys thought of it.

I would like to ask if there are examples in the writing task 2 question, should we linked our paragraph on the examples stated or we can talk to in general?
For instance,
Some people think that school children need to learn practical skills such as car maintenance or bank account management?

There are a few lines in this essay that are pretty bold.

Keep in mind that my professor told us to make a strong stand.

You give as few or as many examples as you want. It is entirely your choice and doesn’t affect your score. Vocabulary should be appropriate. You should aim for accuracy rather than just trying to impress. Yes, you can use “I am convinced” but it won’t change your score unless all your essay contains the same level words.
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Families used to have a black and white definition.

115,000 same sex households said they had children. Children might be biological, adopted, or children acquired after a marriage (stepchildren).

America is a very tolerant country with many freedoms and rights.

The United States Census reports a 90 percent accuracy on its reported findings as each household is asked to identify themselves and their household numbers so that the government can measure its population.

It would be a legal union between two people.

25.7 percent of all same sex couple households reported that they were, in fact, spouses as compared to states with civil unions (domestic partnerships).

I agree with 100 percent of it.

There are definitely for the decision to legalize gay marriage. From opposing views on the wedding, health benefits, religion, raising children, and more, following are a few arguments posed by society:

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I have a query regarding Task 2. In case of opinion essay, is it mandatory to support one particular and give reasons or is it okay to take a neutral stand stating advantages and disadvantages of both?

This would make a wonderful quote.

Pros: Couples would benefit from the same benefits given to heterosexual married couples regarding taxes, hospital visitation, and insurance coverage.