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SWOT analysis might help the executive to understand the opportunities and threats in the environment with the strengths and weakness of Inditex; thus help the executive to evaluate existing strategies and formulate the new master strategies (growth strategy, stability strategy and retrenchment strategy).

Swot analysis looks at the factors which affects the success or failure of our business.

With SWOT analysis, we provide an overview of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats characterising the internal and external environment of the examined tourism innovations in the forest. We implemented the SWOT analysis to identify developing opportunities for this innovative forest sub-sector, focusing mainly on the transferability of innovation between the two contexts. Our focus is on the two innovative enterprise systems.

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The SWOT analysis defines Kudler’s number one weakness is that the organization deals mainly with perishable goods, it is a specialty shop with a high pay-roll, the small management team has many responsibilities, the Del Mar location is not doing as well as anticipated and there are geographical expansion limitations.

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A SWOT Analysis is a useful tool in producing a new product, it helps determine the company’s future “opportunities from its strengths and will protect its weaknesses and strengths from external factors”.(Bensoussan, BE & Fleisher,CS, 2008).